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Suzanne Antolini is originally from Montgomery County, MD, and attended Shepherd College where she studied social work and psychology. For the past 15 years, Suzanne has been an office administrator for the WVU Extension Service for Berkeley County and the key administrator for the Berkeley County 4-H program. In this capacity, Suzanne keeps all aspects of the Extension Office running smoothly, assists the three county Extension Agents, and serves the kids, parents and leaders involved in 4-H.

Suzanne came to RNM with no background in dance but a willingness to learn and to help support RNM staff and families. Suzanne remembers that at the end of the day, it’s about the kids.

Suzanne resides in Martinsburg and is married to George Antolini. They have 3 wonderful children, Jessica, John, and Jacob. When she as a spare moment, she spends time gardening and reading.

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Layna Lamons is a dancer and teacher currently residing in Winchester, Virginia. Layna received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Shenandoah University in December of 2015. During her time at RnM, Layna’s choreography has been featured at the West Virginia State Dance Festival gala in 2018, as well as the Eastern Panhandle’s Dance Works Festival in 2018 and 2019. Layna has also had the pleasure of performing as a guest artist in various shows, including “Sleepy Hollow”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and “Peter Pan”. Outside the studio, Layna has performed with local artists at various venues around Winchester including the Children’s Discovery Museum and the Virginia State Arboretum.

Layna is adamant about teaching her students to perform from the heart even in class combinations, and is passionate about kinetic learning as an important aspect of dance education.

During the day, Layna is a Behavior Specialist at a psychiatric residential treatment facility serving children with intellectual disabilities. In her spare time, Layna enjoys coffee, reading, and dabbles in functional fitness and power lifting.