Keeping Safe in the Studio

We are taking precautionary measures to make sure our dancers and teachers stay healthy. Please follow these rules so we can continue to dance this season:

BEFORE your child comes to class, parents MUST check your child’s temperature. DO NOT COME TO CLASS if you or your child has:
* Been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
* Experienced a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat
* Had a fever in the last 48 hours
* Lost sense of taste or smell
* Had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours.

We are asking that parents continue drop off/pick up and one of our staff will come to the door to call for the students in the next class. If you are a parent of a new student who needs you to walk them to class, you are welcome to! We do ask that once the class has begun and your child is settled, you wait in your car to keep the number of people inside to a minimum. 

If you need to make a payment or speak with Suzanne, please wait until class has started to limit the number of people near the front desk. Please only send your child inside with only the necessities of dance class and a water bottle.

While the dressing rooms are open, please try to have your dancer come dressed for class (for Tumble Tots to PBT, kids can come dressed for ballet and use the “hole” on the bottom of the convertible tights to roll them up. That way they don’t have to change).

Dancers and teachers will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each class. We will start/end classes a couple minutes ahead/behind schedule to allow only one class to be in the hallway at once. 

If your dancer has classes back to back, he/she can stay in the studio and use the restroom or grab a snack. During the few minutes between classes, we will spray the floor with disinfectant and wipe down barres/door knobs/etc. We have had time to test out some new cleaning gadgets and have cut down dry time on our floors to 5 minutes allowing us to have a more “normal” schedule! Each night the floors will get a thorough mopping and the studio a thorough wipe down. 

We loved doing classes outdoors, and if the weather allows, some classes like Hip Hop may be outside. We will send a text out if we will be doing any class outside so dancers can come prepared.